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Emma Targett

Artist, potter, maker of clay forms, designer and lover of all things creative

Educated in Tasmania graduating from The University of Tasmania, Centre for the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Emma has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Tasmania and South Australia with work held in private collections throughout Australia and in Europe and the United States of America.


Working from a warehouse studio based in Moonah, Tasmania, Emma creates a variety of clay forms, functional and decorative, alongside paintings depicting a range of subjects: floral, animals in particular birds and landscapes.


“For me its about appreciating the uniqueness of difference in things as opposed to the sameness.

I see my clay work as like a family, they inherently have similar qualities and you can tell they are made by the same hands but I strive to make each pot with its own unique qualities. The trick is using your skill set to make forms that still all belong together but just not too matchy, matchy!


What I love about clay is how it makes a person feel…bringing of people together to share a meal served on handmade ceramic pieces, eating and drinking from handmade vessels gives a sense of grounded connection with something greater than ourselves. Holding a cup that has begun as a lump of clay from the earth and then been formed by one set of hands and passed over to another feels like such an honour. “


Why not surround yourself with beauty, as British textile designer William Morris said “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Even better if it can be both…

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